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Announcements - July 19, 2020

Dear Residents,


Soliciting input on the governing documents

     We are inviting input from you regarding our HOA governing documents.  Here is a link to them for your review.  The HOA directors seek to update, clarify, and unify them.  Amendments to the documents will require approval by the HOA members.  Please let us know what you find confusing, outdated, or frustrating and what your solution would be.  Thank you!


HOA Director Election

     HOA directors are elected each year at the annual meeting.  There can be up to ten directors.  If you are interested in serving the HOA in this capacity, please write a one-paragraph statement describing yourself and why you desire to serve so we can share it prior to the meeting. Please send to The deadline is August 15. 


Annual meeting

     Our annual meeting will be Tuesday, September 10, at 7 pm.  Save the date.  The meeting format will either be in person or video conference.  We are working to make it safe and accessible. 


The HOA Directors 

Pool Closed - July 9, 2020

Dear Residents,


We are upgrading our electronic gate system, to help alleviate issues we have had in the past with the gate and the now outdated system. 

Due to this much-needed replacement, the pool will be closed July 9, 2020, and will reopen Friday, July 10, 2020. 

If you have not done so already please sign the updated pool use agreement here. Thank you for your patience. 


The HOA Directors 

New Pool Rules - 06/05/2020

Dear Residents,


In addition to the existing rules, posted on the website, and at the pool, the board is adding the following rules:


Entering the pool annex will be at your own risk and the Association does not guarantee anyone's safety from COVID-19.


No lifeguard on duty, swim at your own risk.


Management reserves the right to deny the use or close the pool at any time.


Due to inclement weather, maintenance, and other health or safety reasons, the pool may be closed.


Please understand that failure to follow these rules and policies and CDC guidelines may result in the decision to re-close the pool.

  • Be Responsible: Use of the pool area is at your own risk of injury and illness.

  • Be Healthy: Maintain a six-foot distance between households in and around the pool.

  • Be Protected: Wash hands for 20 seconds after using the restroom.

  • Be Self-Aware: Do not enter the pool area if you or anyone in your family are feeling ill.

  • Be Observant: The maximum number of people in the pool at a time is 15.

  • Be Considerate: Please consider limiting time in the pool area to 2 hours/day to allow others time to use the pool area as well.


The HOA Directors 

Pool Opening - 06/05/2020

Dear Residents,


Thank you for your continued patience as the HOA Board considers how the pool should be opened during this season surrounding COVID-19. The pool will open Friday, June 5th. All resident pool cards, with no outstanding fees, will be activated. 

Residents must sign an updated pool use agreement that is found on the website here, by June 26th, if not, that residents' card(s) WILL BE DEACTIVATED. If you are having trouble, please contact us. 


The HOA Directors 

COVID-19 Information

View the Brazos County Heath District’s press conference from Dr. Eric Wilke, Brazos County Health Authority, on their Facebook page-Brazos County Health District.


Texas Department of State Health Services

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

John Hopkins Real-Time Coronavirus Dashboard

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Information from the September 10, 2019, Annual HOA Meeting

Guest Speaker Contact Info

Alaina Chafin - City of College Station Senior Planner

TEL. 979.764.3757


Esmeralda Casa - City of College Station Neighborhood & Community Relations Coordinator

TEL. 979.764.6262


Aubrey Nettles - City of College Station Economic Development Manager

TEL. 979.764.3423

Midtown Development

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